Hurliman CPA is a growing CPA firm in Scappoose Oregon founded by husband and wife Nick and Khaira Hurliman.

Having left “Big Four” accounting to raise their children at home, Khaira began helping friends and family with their tax questions from home which led to the eventual opening of the Hurliman CPA office in 2013, hanging their shingle for the initial tax season and began filing tax returns for a small group of initial clients. Following their first tax season, the Hurlimans purchased an additional practice as an approach to expanding their client base. In the next year, Nick left his day job to focus on growing the firm. In 2018 the Hurlimans expanded to a second office in Tillamook and added retirement to their list of services offered through Schultz Financial Services Inc / ChangePath LLC an investment advisor.

Hurliman CPA has a passion to equip fellow businesses for success through technical knowledge and continues to grow and find ways to best help our clients through continuous training of our staff. In all services, Hurliman CPA prides itself on an approach that focuses on thoroughness and the best protection of our clients.

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