We provide the following services depending on the needs of our clients in Scappoose, St. Helens, or greater Columbia County.  Great care is provided to ensure a long lasting relationship with our clients.  We are invested in the success of our community.

We can also utilize the latest secure technology to remotely service clients.

Tax Preparation / Planning
We take the time to sit down with our clients and understand their circumstances each year to ensure that their filing is done with great care.  As requested, we work with clients towards the end of the year to ensure they are making the best transactions close to year-end that will have an impact on their tax burden.

When a business looks at all the requirements for successfully implementing payroll for their employees they see the daunting task before them.  We charge reasonable rates and provide our clients with local, accurate, and efficient payroll services that fit their needs.  We want to make sure our clients take care of all the correct withholding and appropriate quarterly filings, so they can spend more time building their business.

If you want to focus on building your  business and not stressing about whether you are treating your transactions correctly from an accounting standpoint, then let us setup and maintain your accounting records.  We will utilize our background to help make sure your transactions are recorded with the appropriate accounting treatment.  This service also helps our tax clients save time at year-end for tax filing with easy transfer into our tax preparation software.

Business Consulting and Startup
Is being in business for yourself ever a challenge?  Do you get stumped with certain issues?  We are here to help with the various needs of business.  We have helped startups with everything from business filings to financial analysis.  If we can’t help, we have proven industry partners that we are happy to refer clients to help with different tasks.

Financial Planning
We help individuals get their financial matters in order.  Whether they need a plan to get back on track or ongoing support to keep them on track, we can help.  Our goal is to put people in a better position to work with their financial adviser.